Will Massachusetts Casino Gambling Ever Really Happen? Place Your Bets

Overlook the British; are casinos ever coming to Massachusetts? (Image source: Britannica.com)

In 2011, Massachusetts passed casino gambling legislation, but in 2013, it is still uncertain whether which will lead to any casinos that are actual integrated hawaii. While that legislation caused it to be easy for licensing as high as three casinos in various parts of the state (along with one parlor that is slots, a mix of reluctant communities and a brutally intrusive gaming commission are beginning to help make some wonder if anyone will ever get approved for a casino here.

Uphill Battle So Far

Here’s the reality: many communities have rejected the concept of getting a casino in their neighborhood. East Boston and Palmer both said no to casinos on this past Election Day, even though many other towns stopped proposals from going ahead before they ever got on the ballot. That does not suggest every casino has been refused, of course. Milford is dealing with Foxwoods on a proposal that will be taken up to a vote on November 19, while the town of Everett overwhelmingly authorized a Wynn project, with 87 percent of voters coming down in favor of it. And MGM won a casino vote in Springfield this summer as well.

But that alone isn’t enough. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission must also approve the companies that will be running these gambling enterprises, and that’s starting to look like a real issue in severa Читать далее Will Massachusetts Casino Gambling Ever Really Happen? Place Your Bets