Lena the plug lets bf have intercourse along with her closest friend!

It really is formally the summer season of intercourse tapes together with latest to drip is the fact that of controversial YouTuber, Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug and her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison aka Adam22. When you look at the video clip, the controversial Youtuber is observed providing her heavily tattooed boyfriend a blow work before continuing to just simply take their cock from behind and begging he actually does for him to cum on her face, which. She appears completely mindful that this woman is being recorded and also appears to appreciate it which gives the theory like she knew just what she ended up being doing.

Bad girl

Which in fact wouldn’t come as a shock. Often year that is last Lena produced controversial declaration whenever she promised that she would to produce intercourse tape, but as long as her YouTube channel hit 1 million members. She stated at the time: “You may or might not have heard that i’m considering building a intercourse tape when I hit a million members. ” She thought that the sex tape wouldn’t count as porn as it would include some body she had been sleeping with, however it’s clear you’ll find nothing she won’t do in order to gain as much members as you can.

While making the statement, she couldn’t resist flashing her goodies to her watchers as she stated: “i’ve been approached to accomplish porn multiple times within the last few 12 months, placing provocative images on the net can get you such provides, however it’s never been something I’ve been thinking about or tempted by, ” she stated before incorporating, “I don’t wish to accomplish porn and I also obviously have no desire for carrying it out. Читать далее Lena the plug lets bf have intercourse along with her closest friend!