2010 to 2015 federal federal government policy: crime prevention

Updated 8 Might 2015

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Any quantity of criminal activity in society is unsatisfactory. Not only due to the peoples expense, but in addition the price to culture.


We now have a brand new way of fighting crime that requires a change of energy from Whitehall to neighborhood communities. The authorities will be provided with far greater freedom to complete their jobs, and also the public more capacity to hold them to account.

We shall judge our success on whether criminal activity has dropped.

We’re reducing crime by:

  • Creating community causes to manage persistent behaviour that is antisocial
  • Utilizing community security partnerships and authorities and criminal activity commissioners, to work through neighborhood methods to cope with problems, including antisocial behavior, medication or liquor abuse and re-offending
  • Establishing the nationwide recommendation apparatus making it easier for all your various agencies that would be associated with a trafficking instance to cooperate, share information regarding possible victims and acquire use of advice, accommodation and help
  • Creating a fresh severe and crime strategy that is organised
  • Creating crime that is street-level to offer the general public up-to-date, accurate home elevators what’s taking place to their roads to allow them to challenge the authorities on performance

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