Getting-to-Know-You Activities: The First Week and Beyond

The desks are arranged, favorite books are displayed, math manipulatives are sorted, and lesson plans are being written. It’s time and energy to begin to build the classroom community. I include getting-to-know-you activities as I write my lesson plans. These activities provide opportunities when it comes to students to interact positively with one another. The children are desperate to make new friends, find out about the classroom environment, and become part of a school family. Most likely, the classroom will end up a house out of the house for the next ten months.

When a classroom functions as a community, children feel safe and accepted. They interact respectfully and responsibly with one another. Building this learning community is fostered through structured routines, consistent schedules, class meetings, shared experiences, and groupings that are flexible. All of these things take some time. However, it really is time well spent. Here are a few getting-to-know-you activities to promote friendship and to begin building a positive classroom community.

Exactly About Me Bags

In the first day of school, I share my «All About Me» bag. I fill the bag with four to six items that are special tell about me. As an example, i might include a special bookmark to share my love of reading or a little dog statue to generally share my children pet. Читать далее Getting-to-Know-You Activities: The First Week and Beyond