10 Strange Things you Won’t Know About South Korea

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Korea is a country that is truly fascinating and I also defy you to spend some time right here rather than fall deeply in love with it. Nonetheless, there are lots of quirks that are little oddities that even with 15 months I nevertheless find it difficult to get my mind around. I’ve compiled a list of 10 crazy aspects of Southern Korea that you’ll definitely find strange!

1. The street guidelines

Or simply, the possible lack of road guidelines is better. Red lights, pedestrian crossings, and way that is giving to mean absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing right right here. Scooters, motorbikes and on occasion even automobiles, drive along the freely pavement beeping at you to be within their method. In terms of parking, the overall rule is apparently that anywhere is reasonable game whenever you can fit your car there. And there’s this strange rule that means you are able to turn appropriate at a crossing, no matter what the light being green or red, that has led to a lot more than a few near misses. Читать далее 10 Strange Things you Won’t Know About South Korea