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Link to the Past captures all the things that make Zelda one of the greatest video game franchises of all time. It is also undoubtedly the greatest SNES game ever made. Link to the Past is one of the greatest Zelda games ever created, which makes it one of the greatest video games ever created. Super Castlevania IV is one of the best looking games ever created.

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Then, as I left my house, I realized that I had free rein over where I could go in this expansive game. After I finished my initial quest, I decided to venture off for a bit. I bombed walls to find secret caves, waded in shallow waters to get some flippers, and cut grass for an hour so I could buy a bottle. FFVI’s deep and addictive RPG elements really put the icing on the cake.

There are so many more advanced games in the Final Fantasy series, and yet, this 16-bit gem manages to stand out as the best of them all. I lament all the time I wasted not playing Super Metroid. I didn’t really pay attention to Metroid as a child, so it took me until my adulthood to realize how amazing this game is. To describe it in a few short words, Super Metroid is a titantic sprawling labyrinth with expertly crafted design, fine-tuned gameplay, and endless hidden content. This was an unfathomable standard of game for its time, and it holds up even compared to today’s triple-a titles.

All of these gameplay elements play into the unique game design, which is laden with carefully placed bonuses. The game itself is very lengthy, and there’s even a completionist aspect to it as you have a list of things to collect in every level. My favorite aspect of this game is definitely how full of content it is. There are dozens of secret exits and levels scattered throughout this game that will likely take players ages to find if they don’t look carefully.

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It’s hard to compare a 16-bit top-down game to fully fleshed-out 3D games like Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, but A Link to the Past made the most of its hardware to deliver an experience that equals all of its sequels. I still remember the feeling of starting A Link to the Past for the first time. I was so enamored by it considering the other games I had in my possession . The story awoke me on a dark and stormy night, and it was my job to find out why my uncle had disappeared.

I mean, the first time I stumbled upon the Special World? And then when I found every secret door and the world changed completely? I had to ask my friends to make sure my game wasn’t broken. There will likely never be GBA emulator a 2D Mario game of this caliber ever again, though that’s mainly a testament to just how great this game is.

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I could go on and on about the graphics, but the game is near-perfect in every other department as well. Controlling Yoshi is a joy, as you do more than just run and jump. You can air-walk for a short duration, swallow enemies with your tongue, and shoot precisely-aimed eggs.

I wish I could just go ahead and end the list here, but there are a few more games that really capture the true essence of the SNES. Just note that the top four aren’t that far off from each other. I previously named Final Fantasy VI (III in the U.S.) the best Final Fantasy in the series, and I still stand by that decision. It’s another example of how the Super Nintendo was the pinnacle of sprite-based games.